To provide attention in Palliative Care to patients with Cancer and their Extended Family, which generally come from Hospital Nacional Rosales and the Institue of Cancer. Our patients have no ability to pay and suffer because of the pain. The institution is supported mainly of the Divine Providence and the Support of Benefactors. We are known for being the only ones to offer this service in El Salvador.

We wish to deepen and extend our services in response to patients with various incurable diseases, promising to be an institution with highly qualified staff in Palliative Care.


Sister Maria

As the Director of this institution, I want to thank God for his great Mercy, expressed during these years of work in this place. To our dear benefactors, in which God manifests itself, for the trust they place in this religious order. Without their contribution, it would be impossible to help the sick. I thank my congregation for the docility of Spirit that illuminated Mother Lucita, who began this work, placing her trust in the Divine Providence.

For forty four years, this Hospital serves patients with cancer and don’t have the opportunity to receive relief from their suffering and pain caused by the disease.

The Divina Providencia Hospital, for eight years, has become a Sanctuary of pain, where we live experiences that strengthen our lives daily. With the Palliative Care, we have provided quality of life during their final stages, have served as support to the families who suffer next to the patient, have suffered and cried with them. We know this is not an easy task but God gives us the grace and strength to continue.

Dear friends, we thank you for allowing us to enter your home with this message. Think that God loves you by obtaining good health when there are a lot of young people and adults fighting to live one more day and die because this terrible disease, like Cancer, which doesn’t respect age, color or creed. In the same way, the Hospital serves in this painful reality. We want, in the middle of the pain, to live the experience of God and help others live it, it’s our charisma as Carmelites Missionaries of Saint Therese.

We are sure of your prayers to continue with this service.

Sister María Julia García



outside photo of hospital

Hospital Divina Providencia is born from the original idea of Carmelite Missionary of Saint Theresa, Sister Luz Isabel Cuevas, who sought to offer a place to shelter patients from the Instituto del Cáncer (Cancer Institute) who would come from places far-off from San Salvador to receive radiotherapy and, because of their economical circumstances, couldn’t afford but to install and sleep in the streets rounded about the aforementioned institution’s building. Sister Luz’s intention is blessed by God’s Providence in the form of Mrs. Bertha Rivas de Albiñana, who, not only donated the Hospital’s land, but suggested the nun the establishment of a hospital that could effectively nurse cancer patients.

At first, right after its founding, the Hospital received abundant contributions and donations from various benefactors, which permitted the institution’s development even without governmental or ecclesial contribution. This “Golden Age” was translated into the construction of eight hospitalization areas, an independent area for the Hospital’s kitchen, laundry area and a chapel also consecrated to the Divine Providence, were holly Eucharist is daily celebrated.

During the seventies and eighties, elected archbishop of San Salvador, Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero finds himself sheltered by the nuns, establishing his house within the Carmelite community, staying close to the patients and fraternally living with the Sisters. His assassination the 24th of March of 1980 at the Hospital’s chapel provokes different reactions among the different sectors of society. For one part, the chapel and Monsignor Romero’s house become pilgrimage centres for a lot of people; but for others, his assassination and ideas became motives for stopping the help to the Hospital. Donations became scarce, and, at some points, patient attention became economically unsustainable. Since then, and during the first years of Salvadorian post-war, Hospital Divina Providencia found itself in an institutional lethargy.


Since 1999, the Carmelite Missioners of Saint Theresa community begins a careful re-evaluation of the attention received by the patients in the Hospital, deciding to appoint Sister María Julia García as head of the cause and to hire a full-time physician. The Hospital’s path is again supported by the direction and reciprocal collaboration of a lay and a nun. Since then, different agreements of mutual cooperation have been signed with different institutions and pain relieving along with spiritual assistance become the Hospital’s daily concerns.

In the last decade, Hospital Divina Providencia has dedicated itself to the professionalization and betterment of its service, under the principles of Palliative Care. Despite its limitations, it has been possible to attend to more than two hundred new patients every year also providing care for their families. Currently there are doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapists and nutritionists. With the support of volunteerism the Hospital provides psychological counseling and emotional support to patients.

Hospital Divina Providencia thanks its benefactors and volunteers for their altruism and the confidence they deposit in the work developed here. Also, it reiterates its trust set in God Almighty, who has blessed the Hospital since its beginnings, who has walk with it through it difficulties, but who, above all, has blessed it with his Divine Providence.



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We are the Religious Carmelites Missionaries of Saint Therese, founded on March 8th 1903 in Mexico City by four brave women: Teresa, Carmen, Soledad and Antonia.

Our particular charisma is to experience God in our lives and help others to live it through the humble sacrifice of our lives, preferably among the poorest. This mission is realized through the apostleships of education, missioning and health pastoral.

After a century of mission, our congregation is present in Mexico, United States of America, Sweden and Central America.

Our charisma is strengthened by helping the cancer patients, attended by the Hospital Divina Providencia, to experience faith and trust in the Trinitarian God. They, who on a daily basis, experience pain and the process of death are who makes us spend our life at the daily service of those who are the most vulnerable in the system, feeling that even God has forsaken them.

On a simple and silent way, we are there with them through each one of their different experiences, thanking God for the grace and strength that has been given to us to stay loyal at this service.