Ever since the institution’s beginning, money donations made by particular individuals has been the primary source of financial income on which the Hospital counts to get through its activities. At the same time, financial resources are the main limitation for the Hospital’s ability to use its entire installed capacity. The lack of more of these resources impedes the Hospital from functioning beyond a fifty patient limit, in spite of having a built-in capacity for more than a hundred and twenty patients. Economic support is mainly used for patients’ pain-relief, with the periodic purchase of controlled medications (with an emphasis in morphine) and other non-controlled medications, different to every treatment of the various complications that arise.

Economic support in cash can be made personally at the administrative quarters of Hospital Divina Providencia, Calle Toluca and Avenida Rocío, in the Colonia Miramonte of San Salvador. Those who wish to make donations in cash, should be cautious to deliver the money only at the office, located next to La Divina Providencia Chapel or in the hands of Sister María Julia García, manager of the institution.

Likewise, donations of this type can be made through bank deposits to the account number 126001859-4 of Banco Agrícola. People who wish to economically support through checks, may do so by emitting them to HOSPITAL DIVINA PROVIDENCIA and sending them to the above mentioned address.


For those institutions that survive from economic donations and that therefore don’t have a stable income nor an estimation of this, the fluctuations in the prices of the basic foods basket components can affect in a considerable way the institution’s capacity to provide its patients (and their family members) the daily dose of calories, 2562 according to the Food and Agriculture Organization from the United Nations, which in the patients’ case happens to be of vital importance due to the treatment that they receive.

Another way of supporting the Hospital is through the donation of food components from the basic foods basket. These donations can be realized in the Storage and Preparation of Food Area, located in the same given address in front of the Chapel. The person in charge of this area, Sister Concepción Abrego, is who receives this type of donations.

When it comes to donations of perishable products, especially in the case of cattle products, the benefactor is encouraged to realize them in small amounts, in order to facilitate their handling and to avoid unnecessary waste.

Some benefactors chose to donate, periodically or sporadically, foods that are not part of the basic foods basket, such as desserts or typical dishes, which are distributed among the patients by the benefactors themselves. This form of donation is equally well received by the Hospital, with the only requisite that the benefactors must anticipate their arrival via phone with at least one week, so that they can count on someone to receive them. The Hospital’s phone number is 2260-0520.


With the purpose of solving other unexpected expenses or reposing a piece of equipment; the Hospital, in coordination with the voluntary service, runs diverse extraordinary activities aimed at generating (financial) funds. Standing out of these extraordinary activities are the “baratillos” or flea markets, where different objects of daily use are sold at accessible prices. The raw material for these activities, meaning the objects that are sold, is donated by people who chose to help the Hospital in this way. The main inputs received are glassware and home items.

Glassware comprises all types of products made out of glass, porcelain, ceramic and other similar materials. These products are from various kinds and include containers, dishes, glasses and ornamental objects among the most common. If the donated objects are not new, the beneficent is asked to wash it before delivering it to the Hospital. The only restriction here is to take care of not giving broken objects away.

Among the home items that can be received by the Hospital are small consumer electronics and appliances that are brand new or in good shape. All the categories already described are welcomed in the Hospital’s office, located next to the Chapel.


There are certain types of items that, due to their particular nature, CAN’T be stored in the Hospital, and therefore are not eligible for donations. On the first place, drugs and medicines in general, these won’t be received because special permissions must be requested in order to store them. Besides, there is the risk of receiving medicines that have already reached their due date, thus representing the possibility of having lethal repercussions for the institution’s patients. Other products that won’t be received are used beauty items that because of their chemical components can damage other stored items. Regarding these items, if they are to be used for “baratillos”, being stored by large amounts of time can ruin their attributes.